Basic Warranty

All original equipment comes with a 24 month or 2,000 hour (whichever comes first) standard warranty. For even greater peace of mind, our warranty can be extended to 5 years, at various levels of coverage.

All new Johnston Sweepers are supplied with a debris body constructed entirely of Stainless Steel. These bodies feature an exclusive Johnston North America “Lifetime Warranty” on the hopper body. This warranty (subject to terms and conditions) covers the debris body against rust perforation and corrosion perforation, including the tunnel area. In addition, Johnston North America also offers a Lifetime Warranty on our complete Stainless Steel water tanks as well.

Johnston North America continues its industry leading warranty coverage by offering a “Five Year Warranty” on the vacuum fan drive system, including step-up gearbox and fluid coupler (excludes fan; subject to terms and conditions).

Ultimately, Johnston warranties provide complete confidence in your sweeper and long term protection against unforeseen costs.

All our warranties are subject to an annual inspection by Johnston technicians.