JNA Highlights Race City Festival

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Community Outreach – Johnston North America Highlights Race City Festival, May 2013

Race City USAIn conjunction with the NASCAR All-Star Race hosted at the Charlotte Motor Speedway – this festival in downtown Mooresville, NC brings community and business together to celebrate. JNA objective was to introduce brand awareness and involvement in our community. JNA performed on-site demonstrations of several of our street sweepers to showcase performance and action.

What many may not know is that Mooresville, NC is the home of many top NASCAR teams and shops. In fact, JNA is located in an area that is filled with NASCAR teams and car builders.

While JNA Sales Coordinator, Jim Budde, was sweeping to prepare for the event, the Public Works Director (an Elgin fan), came over to supervise Jim’s work. To his amazement he watched one of our units capability to clean both sidewalks, and the streets. In an instant – Jim’s cleaning turned into a demo!

  • JNA participated in the Race City Festival – we displayed the CN101 – an idea born from our Parts Dept.
  • Thank you to Jim Budde who swept the downtown to look pristine for the visitors!
  • The downtown shop owners were grateful and wondered why the city did not have a machine like the 101.
  • The downtown merchants association has shared the desire to have the sidewalks cleaned, not just the streets.
  • From Brian’s idea and Jim’s time sweeping, we were able to accomplish a demo, create desire from the merchants, and became a topic that dominated the downtown committee planning meeting.
  • In addition to the local buzz created the actual day of the event seems to have turned out to be very worthwhile. Brian, Chris and Bill from the Parts Department worked the booth and talked to interested visitors. There were at least a dozen people that came by to talk specifically about the 101 and many others to take pictures!

Kim Atkins Executive Director Downtown, Mayor, Town Manager, Deputy Town Manager, Chamber of Commerce, Economic Planning Committee and the Downtown Council. (Close to 20 decision makers received this email shown below)

Good afternoon,

I wanted to make you all aware of a local company volunteering their time and equipment to “sweep” the streets and sidewalks in Downtown Mooresville in preparation for the Race City Festival.

Johnston North America, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Johnston Sweepers Ltd. and is the North American hub based in Mooresville, North Carolina. Johnston North America is also a MSI Chamber Member. They manufacture street sweepers and have equipment that is small & flexible enough to sweep the sidewalks in Downtown but will also sweep the streets and curbs, etc.

One of their employees got started about 4:30 this morning and swept the sidewalks, curbs and gutters up and down Main and Broad streets. They will be back tomorrow morning to clean the cross streets of Iredell, Moore, Center and McClelland. Their comment was “We look forward to a great event and are proud to be part of Mooresville. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your celebration.”

If you would like to stop in to meet them or say thanks, they will have representatives and some of their equipment on display during Race City Festival near Whit Miller Shoe Store. Thank you also to David Miller who helped to coordinate these efforts.

Thanks so much,

Race City Festival 2013

Brian Chase (left) and Chris Ruggieri (right) representing JNA, Race City Festival, 2013

Race City Festival Display

Johnston CN101 on display.

Race City Festival 2013

Public interest and future potential Buyers.

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