Johnston CANbus System

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The Johnston advanced CANbus system monitors sweeper performance and provides daily checks. This next-generation tool provides indepth information from efficiency to maintenance requirements directly to management and operators alike. The display incorporates as standard an audible and visual raised hopper warning, fuel gauge, engine hour meter, tachometer and a water level gauge. In addition, data can be downloaded via a USB stick, recording various items of data for better cost control and easy analysis of sweeping operations.

Human/Machine Interface

  • ECO Mode
  • Color Coded Operating Zones
  • Key Operating Fuel Consumption Displayed
  • Performance improvement through better ergonomics and intelligent functionality.
  • New V Range has half the number of sweeping controls versus competitive units – ideal for the novice operator while retaining the ability for an experienced operator to quickly tune the machine.
  • All sweeping controls moved to the door post – GB position controlled by joystick.
  • In-cab Pendant Control of WSB Adjustment
  • Semi-Automatic Winterization – Pressadrain.
  • Fuel & Water Gauges All In Cab

Data Acquisition For Management

  • Data Capture – If you can’t measure it, you can’t control it!
  • Easy analysis of key data by USB flash drive and upload into Excel – Hours swept, auxiliary RPM, fuel consumption, next/last service, etc.
    • Easy comparison between machines and operators.
  • Ability to restrict the operation of the machine within given parameters.


  • Important warnings are indicated on the main screen and direct the operator to the source of a problem.
  • A multitude of additional diagnostic data is provided at your fingertips. This can either allow the operator to diagnose the problem or provide accurate information to a service center.
  • Ability to open hopper door and lift the hopper with auxiliary engine turned off.