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The All New Lighter, Faster C201

The new C201 combines high productivity and high performance with low running costs and low environmental impact.


The four-wheel-steer option, allows the smallest turning circle in its class, and superlative maneuverability. Wide view floor-to-roof heated windscreen with unrestricted all-round vision. Johnston’s traditional sweeper brush configuration. Enlarged glass floor panels on both sides of the cab to view brushes and nozzle box. An audible signal for safe reversing, with standard Night Silent switch. Brushes have variable speed, and both have independent pressure control.

Intelligent Hydrostatic Control

The Johnston Electronic Transmission Control allows seamless intelligent transition between Work Mode and Transit Mode while on the move. The dynamic hydrostatic braking system provides safe and smooth operation in both vehicle modes giving the driver greater control. The advanced 4WS Steering System is fully integrated into the transmission control software providing intuitive and precise steering control.

J-Plex II Control System

The C201 sweeper is equipped with a sophisticated large view color screen connected to a J-Plex II control system to effectively monitor running costs and productivity. This important information can be downloaded to a USB for convenient office use.

Integrated Rear View Camera

The large view color screen also incorporates the rear view camera option, streamlining in-cab equipment, and giving safe and accurate reversing guidance.

Low Noise

Low noise levels (73dB(A)) at maximum revs in-cab, provides a comfortable all day working environment.

High Productivity

Johnston Sweepers understand operating costs are as important as the initial purchase price, which is why the new C201 has been designed to have the highest possible uptime levels with the lowest number of service intervals. Designed to cope with the toughest environments the C201 hopper is manufactured from 4003 stainless steel. Major components are shot blasted with an aluminum oxide abrasive providing an excellent key for the painting process. An acid etch primer is applied followed by two coats of 2 pack epoxy paint, to provide a hard wearing coating. In addition, all the grey parts are shot blasted primed and electrostatically powder coated for a tough finish, ensuring your sweeper retains a high residual value and longer in-service life.

On-Board Technology

The C201 J-Plex II control system comes with a USB portal so the system can be upgraded quickly and easily. Service intervals are highlighted on the 7″ color display system to ensure the equipment is serviced at the required intervals. Alongside this information, Johnston Sweepers has incorporated an Advance Data Capture system; using the integrated USB socked, information can be downloaded, giving both operators and managers information from which they can calculate accurate running costs for each individual sweeper. Daily fuel usage, mileage, sweeping hours and engine performance can be analysed to achieve continuous costs savings.

Low Cost of Ownership – Low Environmental Impact

Fuel Efficient
The C201 is the most fuel efficient sweeper of its type, using up to 40% less fuel in “work mode” than any other sweeper in its class – a significant financial and environmental consideration for fleet operators. This efficiency can help to save 10,000kg of carbon per 2000 operated hours, and with the on board technology as standard, fuel savings can be easily monitored.

Water Capacity
Equipped to carry 40 gallons of clean water and 66 gallons of water in the recirculation system giving 104 gallons of water, the C201 reduces refilling costs and extends on-station time. The C201 can be equipped with a hydrant hose, standpipe and key, saving the operator time by refilling water tanks from a street hydrant giving further productivity.

The 201 Compact is fitted with Continental RV20 tires, for heavy duty working, designed to reduce whole life tire cost whilst improving comfort. The design is ideal for curb climbing and gives a large footprint, allowing the sweeper to operate over a range of paved surfaces.

Four-Wheel Steer Option
A C201 Compact with the 4-wheel steer option reduces the turning circle to a class leading 13ft curb to curb.

Leaf Nozzle Box
The C201 comes with an option of heavy duty castors which complement the four wheel steer, also giving faster, smoother direction changes without affecting suction performance.

Independent Brush Control
The C201 features independently controlled front brushes. From the high visibility cab, an operator has unrivalled control of the brush speed, position and ground pressure.

Low Level of Brush Arms
The unique sweep-gear configuration and reverse sweeping feature ensures efficient cleaning around obstacles with complete cleaning of 90º corners and enclosed spaces.

The Wanderhose option is a 12ft suction hose for extended cleaning reach. turntable mounted for maneuverability and access to areas next to the roadway.

High-Pressure Hand Lance
The C201 high-pressure hand lance option has a 33ft recoiling hose for convenient operation. the hand lance is also equipped with both a fan and a pencil nozzle to deal with all types of dirt.

The 1.8m³ (hopper volume) capacity and 60ins discharge height is ideal for tipping into skips or bins.
Also with the high visibility automatically engaging safety props fitted as stand, the hopper reaches its tipping height in complete safety.

In addition, the C201 is perfectly-suited for many airport applications. Click here for more information regarding Airport Applications.