Airport Applications

Airport Applications

Solutions for Airport / Runway Sweeping from Johnston Sweepers. A critical requirement for all airports is airside surface cleansing and pick-up which is why Johnston sweepers have worked in partnership with airports worldwide for more than 50 years, engineering solutions which support the aviation industry. The result is an extensive range of equipment specifically designed to resolve the specialised surface cleansing requirements unique to airports.

Built on a choice of base vehicles, each machine can be individually specified to suit both your needs and location. With as many sweeping applications as there are environments to be swept, our wide range of sweep and nozzle options allows you to specify the configuration that’s right for your application.

Our sweepers are built and designed for high-speed, high-performance clearance of runways, taxiways and aprons. With a range of specialist sweeping applications including stand scrubbing, liquid pick-up, rubber removal and high speed runway sweeping, Johnston is the sweeper of choice for many civilian and military airports worldwide.

Runway Metal Recovery

Front mounted on a Johnston V Range, the powerful electronic magnet efficiently collects all metal debris in its path, and in conjunction with the swept width of 3600mm achieved by using the channel brush and dual sweep brushes, safety and productivity are fully maximised.

Glycol Recovery

The V Range sweeper effectively deals with Glycol/anti-freeze recovery from ground surface areas. Using a powerful pump and suction nozzles, the system efficiently sucks up surplus liquid laying on stand areas, preventing damage to expensive surfaces and avoiding drainage system contamination. Fortunately once the glycol is collected, this expensive chemical can be re-used.

Runway Lighting

Airports must ensure runway lights continually remain bright and visible, and by its nature this task presents difficulties with access and timing. The Johnston V Range runway sweeper has the ideal solution, with a raised brush fitted to the front of the sweeper specifically to clean runway lights, enabling this important task to be carried out efficiently and safely.


Adjustable brush pressure systems on the main broom and channel brushes combined with detergent spray bars complete with a measured detergent dispenser, enables the V Range airport sweeper to provide a stand scrubbing function, effectively removing oil, fuel and chemical spills. Using fluid recovery nozzles the detergent mix is then safely recovered from the treated area.

Sweeping and Dust Suppression

A swept environment is required around aircraft and has to be achieved with minimal disruption and dust. The Johnston V Range airport sweeper achieves an efficient one-pass sweep collecting debris and trapping dust. Fitted with the latest Johnston dust suppression system, the finest dust particles are lifted and retained in the sweeper hopper. Johnston’s dust suppression system meets EUnited PM10 standards for air quality, and by including the micro-dust water spray option, even higher dust control management can be achieved.

In-cab Control Systems

The control systems are designed for ease of use, safety and maximum performance. All sweeping operations are controlled from the master module inside the cab. This incorporates an audible & visual raised hopper warning and auxiliary engine fuel gauge, hour counter & tachometer as standard. The bodies come in a range of hopper capacities, from 6m³ to 8m³.

Water Tanks & Water Drainage

The water tanks incorporate anti-surge baffles and comes fitted with a visual level gauge, access ports for cleaning the tank and a drain valve mounted at the rear of the machine. Optional rear door drain valves at 76mm and 102mm (3″ or 4″) diameter allow faster de-watering without entering the body and Johnston’s Pressadrain water purging system enables the easy removal of water from the systems in freezing conditions.

Screen Shaker

Manual system located on the rear door allows you to shake the rear screens for easy cleaning without entering the body. The rear door is self-sealing with automatic locking. Safety restrictors ensure that it lowers slowly in the unlikely event of pneumatic failure.

Channel Brushes

Unlike most competitors, our hydraulically operated wire-filled channel brushes feature trailing arm suspension and are fitted with a kick-back pressure-assisted system. This minimises the risk of damage when hitting kerbs and bollards.

Powascrub and Powasave

The V Range also chas an option for automatic brush wear compensation features. The Powascrub and Powasave variable ground pressure system comes as standard. Not only does this reduce brush wear when debris is light, it also enables the channel brush to scrub the surface in difficult environments. All sweep and nozzle gear is automatically raised when the vehicle is in reverse to prevent damage.

Rotatilt Brushes

The Rotatilt option allows the angle of the brush to be changed from within the cab.

Wide-Sweep Brush System

Hydraulically driven, the wide-sweep brush incorporates pneumatic regulators to ensure that it is symmetrically (and consistently) deployed – even when switching between left and right hand sweeping. This prolongs the life of the brush and reduces cost of ownership. Automatic brush wear compensation and auto reverse raising of sweepgear come as standard.

Brush-Assisted Nozzle

Rubber-lined for long life, the nozzles are specially designed to ride over raised objects, thus minimising the risk of damage. Manual adjustment is provided for optimum ground clearance and to help prevent brush and nozzle rubber wear. The brush sits immediately behind the nozzle to agitate dirt and enable rapid pick up. Each nozzle has a common rail low pressure water injection system for dust suppression.

Full-Width Nozzle

Rear or mid mounted, two articulated rubber-lined nozzles provide full width pick-up. With low pressure water injection points for dust suppression, easy adjustment of individual nozzles ensures optimum ground clearance and minimises nozzle rubber wear.

Optional Side Sliding Brush

Ideal for applications such as road planing, the channel brush and nozzle assembly can extend by up to 400mm from the side of the machine, enabling the operator to keep the machine away from the edges of a freshly laid surface. In addition, a brush which extends by up to 750mm and is positioned behind the front wheel, is ideal for weed ripping, second-level sweeping and extending the swept width. Alternatively, the same assembly in front of the wheel clears debris from the vehicle’s path and avoids compaction for more effective clearance.

Optional High-Pressure Water Systems

A choice of high pressure systems is available up to 200 litres per minute and 600 bar, delivered via spraybars with V or rotating jets for deep cleaning. A hand lance with fan and pencil jets is also available.

Machine Line-Up


A comprehensive range of additional options is available. Contact us for more information.

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