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Power and Performance Packaged For The City

The RT655 provides cost effective, efficient road sweeping. Regenerative air circulation allows for large forward facing digger gutter brooms and a full width suction to maximize sweeping speed. Combined with ergonomic operator controls and low running costs, the RT655 provides an ideal solution to long low cambered roads and urban environments.

In addition, the RT655 is perfectly-suited for airport applications and is utilized World-wide in this capacity. Click here for more information regarding Airport Applications.


The RT range balances performance, environmental impact and low cost of ownership very effectively. Sharing the same power train from the Johnston VT range, the RT provides excellent productivity with reduced maintenance costs.

A high power 115 hp John Deere turbo charged engine provides outstanding vacuum performance. Combined with Johnston’s mechanical step up gear box and fluid coupling, the RT range of sweepers provide the best power to fan speed ratio in the industry.

Large front facing digger brooms rotate from 0 to 100 rpm to lift dirt and debris from the curb side, controlled from the cab, the operator can adjust the speed of the brooms to suit the environment being swept. With the optional rotatilt, the operator can adjust the angle of the broom for deeper curbline cleaning.

Twin corrosion proof polyethylene water tanks carry 253 gallons of water allowing for a long on station sweeping time before refilling.

The air knife sweeping system drives dust, debris and litter into the 90° wide full width sweeping hood. An in cab controlled vacuum exhaust gate provides the operator with the ability to sweep large litter and bulky items without leaving the driving seat, while the wide diameter 14″ nozzle trunkings maximize airflow and allows for any larger items to pass easily into the hopper. All of which can be done at sweeping speeds of up to 10 miles per hour with a 140″ swept path.

Due to the hood design, the RT655 can sweep in reverse without the need to lift the sweep gear, this allows the operator to sweep over heavily soiled areas several times without the need to turn around or maneuver in the road.

The RT655 has a class leading 8.5 cubic yard hopper complete with an access doors either side.In addition, an optional 4003 stainless steel hopper option can be specified complete with anti-corrosion warranty for long term durability. A 55 degree angled hopper floor provides easy discharging of the load without the need for scrapers.

A range of options can increase productivity and provide increased performance to maximize the versatility of the RT range:

Supawash high pressure water system, provides a hand lance to enable cleaning of street fixtures and the machine itself. The high pressure jets are positioned at the front of the cab to provide a street washing option.

An optional 23 ft rear mounted litter vac provides additional flexibility to collect leaves and litter from the side or rear of the sweeper in areas where access is restricted and can be used to empty catch basins.

Stainless Steel In My Body! With a heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant stainless steel body, Johnston’s V Range is robustly built for unrivaled durability. Johnston is the only sweeper manufacturer to offer as standard, “Complete Hopper Constructed of Stainless Steel” and an industry leading warranty.

Operator Environment

Inside the selected chassis, the Johnston master control module is mounted in the cab and gives easy access to all the sweeper controls and options. An optional rear view camera provides safety for pedestrians and the sweeper when backing up.

The ergonomic in cab controls incorporate an audible and visual raised hopper warning, sweeper fuel gauge, engine hour counter, tachometer and a low level water indicator as standard.

Throttle control of the auxiliary engine is infinitely variable ensuring optimum operational and fuel efficiency with no performance compromise. This can also be used to reduce noise levels for night sweeping operations.

A pendant control connected via a flexible cable allows the operator to safely tip the body and open the rear door from both inside and out of the cab. This allows the operator to ensure the rear of the vehicle is clear of pedestrian traffic and positioned in the correct areas before discharging the load. The body can be tipped with or without the engine running via an electric motor.

When tipping, the body prop engages automatically as the body is raised, and at “full tip” allows maximum access for routine maintenance. This removes the requirement for the operator to touch any part of the mechanism during the raising or lowering operation.

Cost of Ownership

The RT range of sweepers operate at the lowest costs whilst maintaining high productivity, the large 58 gallon auxiliary polyethelene fuel tank allows for increased time on the street feeding the fuel efficient engine and mechanically driven fan.

Maintenance costs are significantly reduced as no belts or high wearing components are required and due to the sweeper collecting debris through suction, fewer parts are required to lift the debris into the hopper.

Designed to last in the toughest environments, the RT range hopper is constructed of stainless steel, and carries a lifetime warrantyt. In addition all grey parts, such as the sweep gear, powerpack and subframe, are shot blasted, and electromagnetically powder painted in a durable two part epoxy paint finish. This ensures your sweeper continues to look as good as it performs, retaining a high resale value or longer in service life.

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