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VT651 Represents Over 50 Years of Evolution – The V Range has established itself as Johnston’s most reliable and dependable truck mounted sweeper. The Latest V Range sweepers have been developed from over 50 years of evolution and continuous improvement to meet customer requirements. The V650 and V800 models are being replaced by the VT651 and VS651, and VT801 and VS801, which are evolutionary improvements suggested by our customers across the world.

Longer on-station time than ever, lowest-ever running costs and more than one thousand design upgrades – all powered by an evironmentally-friendly and fuel efficient engine years ahead of its time. These are just some of the ground breaking features of Johnston’s new-generation VT651 truck mounted sweeper range.

In a bold move, Johnston Sweepers has completely re-launched its V Range truck mounted sweeper line-up, entirely replacing the current models to bring to the market a product which boasts Johnston’s longest-ever on-station work time, even lower running costs and a host of new features to make sweeping more efficient, cost effective and friendly to the environment than ever before.

The new VT651 is the natural evolution of the hugely popular outgoing VT650 model, incorporating literally thousands of customer-led design upgrades as part of Johnston’s commitment to customer feedback and design excellence.

The launch of the all-new VT651 follows three years of intensive design and testing by Johnston’s engineering team, which has involved re-examining every single component of the V Range to bring the clever new sweepers to market.

Fuel Efficient JCB Power Packs
Power to the acclaimed auxiliary engine system will be supplied by a range of the cleanest and most efficient engines available, designed and built in Britain by JCB. Brand new to the Johnston range, the engines were chosen for their advanced engineering, the 55kW pack already meeting future Tier 4 final emissions legislation – the only engine able to do this in its displacement class without the complication of requiring SCR (Ad-blueTM) after-treatment systems to clean the exhaust system. The engines deliver even better fuel consumption and lower emissions than ever before, reducing operating costs and helping authorities to improve their air quality scores, whilst also lowering vibration and noise generation for greater operator comfort and less noise pollution.

Longer On-Station Work Time
One of the most immediately striking features of the new range is the increased on-station work time, made possible by larger water tanks with a 21% increase in capacity on the V651), combined with all-new improved water jets, which make a more intelligent use of the water for maximum dust suppression and water conservation.

The jets in the nozzles are now also self-unblocking so that the water system is always ready for action. This, together with an increased hopper capacity on the V501 model means fewer returns to base for re-fills and keeps the sweeper out at work for longer.

Data Capture Monitors Sweeping Operations
All this improved efficiency and economy can now be tracked by customers for themselves through Johnston’s clever CANbus control system, introduced for the first time on the truck mounted sweeper range having been well-proven on Johnston’s compact sweepers. At the heart of the system is a new 7″ color screen which displays all the operational information needed by the driver – including, for the first time, an in-cab water tank gauge – as well as the diagnostic data for safety and maintenance. The screen can be linked to up to four cameras around the sweeper for greater visibility and safety.

A really invaluable feature of the new system is its data capture facility, which allows information such as fuel consumption and hours swept data to be downloaded to a memory stick via the screen’s USB port. This real-time cost and operational information is a facility that fleet operators are finding increasingly valuable in the monitoring and management of sweeping operations and costs – and allows customers to see the evidence of Johnston’s claimed fuel savings for themselves! The controls for the CANbus system itself are now all located by the grab-rail on the door, supplying ergonomic and easily accessible operation without having to take your eyes off the road, while the old relay box has now gone to make more space inside the cab.

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In-Cab Controls
In-cab controls are ergonomically positioned to provide safe and easy operation while sweeping.

A full CANbus integrated control pad allows the operator to safely adjust all the sweep options.
The CANbus system monitors sweeper performance and provides daily checks. The display incorporates as standard an audible and visual raised hopper warning, fuel gauge, engine hour meter, tachometer and a water level gauge. In addition, data can be downloaded via a USB stick, showing a range of information from fuel consumption to average sweeping times.

Throttle control of the auxiliary engine is infinitely variable ensuring optimum operational and fuel efficiency with no performance compromised. With a 1500 rev 
Eco-mode built into the V Range, fuel conservation is enhanced and noise levels are reduced.

Pendant controls connected via a flexible cable allows the operator 
to safely tip the body and open the rear door from either side of the cab, at the same time maintaining 
a clear view of the tipping area.

  • To extend brush life, the wide-sweep brush can also be adjusted using the pendant control.
  • As standard, all Johnston V Range sweepers are fitted with a body prop which automatically engages when the hopper is raised, and has a choice of four tipping heights.
The auxiliary engine and hydrostatic drive pump is accessed via a wide lightweight service ladder giving constant three-points of contact 
for the user.
  • All V Range models have equipment lockers on both sides of the hopper for storage of hydrant or Aluminum Catch Basin extension tubes.
All critical controls – including valves, solenoids and auxiliary equipment for pneumatic, hydraulic and water systems are contained in a purpose built locker on the right hand side 
of the vehicle. The ease of access 
to this equipment aids diagnostic checks and maintenance. Additionally, the V Range is also fitted with waterproof IP67 automotive electrical connectors 
for enhanced reliability.
  • As standard, the V Range sweeper features a Pressadrain water purging system so that when freezing weather conditions are anticipated, water is easily and conveniently drained by operating a simple in-cab switch.
Water jets in the nozzles are self-cleaning which extends the life of the components.

More Robust Sweepgear
In response to customer feedback, Johnston has also re-engineered the sweepgear of the new range, increasing the durability of parts prone to wear and introducing a common hydraulic motor across the range to simplify maintenance. A labyrinth is also now included on the bottom of the channel brush motor to prevent twine, twigs and nylon packaging material from getting wrapped around the mechanism – a simple solution to a troublesome maintenance issue. Throughout the sweeper, flexible hydraulic hoses have been replaced by steel pipes which are far more robust, minimize leaks and cool more effectively – as well as being lighter for lower running costs. Even the hoses on the water cooling system have been given a make-over with efficient new push-in fittings in place of the old-style jubilee clips.

Quiet Hopper Tipping Operation
Another customer-led design change is that the hopper can now be tipped for maintenance without the auxiliary engine running, working automatically from the pendant control in the cab. This allows the hopper to be tipped inside a workshop without the noise and emissions from the engine, for a far quieter and safer operation. These are just a few of the thousands of design enhancements incorporated into the new range from Johnston, with a significant number of the design upgrades introduced with the new range have been customer driven. We recognise that our customers are our best market research resource, and their feedback is at the heart of our design programs. Johnston’s commitment to design excellence is further reinforced with the advanced technology of the latest JCB Tier 4 compliant engine at the heart of the new sweeper range, we have taken all aspects of its design a step even further to maximise performance, payload, fuel consumption and water conservation – and to produce the most cost effective and practical city sweeper on the market.

Operational Performance
The V Range is designed to fit a wide range of chassis models to suit 
specific operational requirements, confident that the Johnston V Range sweeper will provide the power and performance to complete the task.

The V Range provides the ideal balance between performance, environmental impact and low cost of ownership, with applications to suit a full range of sweeping environments – benefits that make the Johnston V Range the sweeper of choice worldwide.

Two drive options (VT and VS) provide outstanding vacuum performance. On the VT Range, JCB and John Deere auxiliary engines combined with the Johnston mechanical step-up gear box and fluid coupling, and the Johnston hydrostatic gear box drive on the VS model, provide the best efficiency ratios in the industry.

The versatile VT Range powerpack with a range of 1200 rpm – 2000 rpm, can operate efficiently in municipal environments at a lower rpm, or for one pass heavy duty resurfacing operations, the engine provides full power to ensure a clean path is all that is left behind.

There are a choice of three sweeping configurations, left hand or right hand sweeping which provides a swept width of up to 95 inches, and simultaneous sweeping which gives a swept width of up to 142 inches.

A stainless steel water tank is integrated into the floor of the hopper body, which provides ideal weight distribution between axles, and weight transfer during sweeping. For increased productivity, an optional water recirculation system can be installed on the V651 and V801, which can double on-station time before water refilling with the added advantage of reducing dust emissions.

Dust and debris are collected by pneumatically operated vacuum nozzles and wide diameter 10 inch nozzle trunking, maximizing velocity and allowing larger debris to pass easily into the hopper.
Debris is sucked in a direct route from the vacuum nozzle into the hopper, reducing wear and tear as well as maintenance. Once in the hopper, the Johnston cyclonic airflow helps separate the debris, and clean air is then released 
into the atmosphere.

Johnston VT/VS Range comes with a choice of hopper options:
Johnston’s V651 has a hopper volume of 8.5 yd³ and water tank capacity of 415 gallon. The V651 is compatible with GVWR 33,000 lb chassis.

A Johnston VT801 truck mounted sweeper comes with a high powered engine as standard and a hopper volume of 10.5 yd³. The water tank capacity is increased to 534 gallon and is well matched to a GVWR 35,000 lb chassis.

All Johnston V Range models are built with an angled hopper floor, enabling a total discharge angle of 53-56º (model dependent) to aid load discharge.

Environmental Impact
Manufactured in a factory accredited to 
IS0 14001 for sustainability, Johnston is committed to providing the most environ-mentally sustainable equipment on the market for collecting all types of debris and litter.

Low fuel consumption is a key attribute in reducing carbon footprint and CO2 emissions. With the mechanical drive systems running at maximum efficiency, the fuel consumption of the auxiliary engine is the lowest in its class with 0.87 gallons per hour at 1200 rpm.

The VT Range is now fitted with auxiliary engines supplied by JCB and John Deere, whose engines meet the highest standards for emissions and environmental impact.
Dust emissions are controlled to the highest standards, and PM10 atomizers suppress 
dust to meet EUnited PM10 Standards in Europe, and in America, SCAQMD Rule 1186.

Water recirculation not only provides extended sweeping shifts but can also save 237.7 gallons of water per day over an 8 hour shift.

The V Range sweepers are equipped with noise suppression hoods, encapsulating the auxiliary engine and fan casing. Noise at the driver’s ear is less than 75 dB(A) at maximum revs (chassis dependent), creating a safer operating environment for both driver and pedestrians. The fully variable engine can be set to lower revs for night sweeping which reduces the noise levels by 50%.
The Johnston V Range is robustly constructed from quality materials and designed to 
provide years of continuous performance 
and reliable service. End of life disposal is enhanced by the V Range sweeper being almost 100% recyclable.

Cost of Ownership
V Range sweepers operate at the lowest costs, with a large 50 gallon auxiliary fuel tank giving increased on-station time. In addition, maintenance costs are significantly reduced on the Johnston gearbox and fluid coupling, as no belts or high wearing components are required.

Johnston’s VT Range provides the lowest emissions and running costs. The VT and VS models operate at low fuel consumption with both the chassis and auxiliary engines using a total of 1.33 gallon/hr at low rpms. In addition, suction sweeping requires fewer component parts, thus resulting in less wear and tear and reducing maintenance costs.

Designed to last in the toughest environments, the V Range hopper is manufactured from 4003 stainless steel, shot blasted with aluminum oxide prior to the application of a strontium based primer followed by a hard wearing top coat. In addition, all grey parts such as the sweepgear, powerpack and subframe are shot blasted and electro-magnetically powder painted in a durable two part epoxy paint finish. This ensures the sweeper continues to look as good as it performs, retaining a high residual value or longer in-service life.

Additional Features
Johnston provides a comprehensive choice of options all designed to maximise versatility and performance:

  • Supawash Street Furniture to Fixtures – a high pressure water jet, enables the operator to clean street furniture and pavements using either a fan or pencil jet spray. The lance and hose stows away neatly when not in use. In addition, high pressure water jets on a spray bar are positioned on the front of the cab, and others placed behind the nozzle boxes to provide dust suppression when sweeping.
Hydraulic Catch Basin Cleaner • an optional Hydraulic Catch Basin Cleaner mounted on the top of the hopper can be fitted to allow the emptying of drains to storm drains. If “Powaboom” is selected, hydraulic controls are fitted to make the operation easier, while the top-mounted position provides greater access to both sides of the sweeper, and also shields the driver from oncoming traffic.
  • Combivac Nozzles • for faster sweeping with an additional brush at the rear of the vacuum nozzle.
  • Rear mounted Littasnatch • with a 18 ft long lightweight suction tube for collection of debris on pavements and areas out of reach of the sweeper brushes.
  • Rotatilt • controlled from inside the cab, this option allows the gutter broom to tilt and sweep in cambered to contoured curbs and gutters.
Weed Ripping Brush • a heavy duty brush with thick metal tines that effectively clears vegetation that is growing and established in gutters.

The Johnston Standard

  • Complete Hopper Constructed of Stainless Steel
  • Better corrosion resistance than mild steel
  • Abrasion resistance better than mild steel
  • Abrasion resistance better than 304 stainless steel
  • Complete Stainless Steel Water Tank
  • Superior corrosion and abrasion resistance
  • Lowest ownership costs and best warranties
  • Only “Life-Time Warranty” in the industry

Stainless Steel In My Body!
With a heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant stainless steel body, Johnston’s V Range is robustly built for unrivaled durability. Johnston is the only sweeper manufacturer to offer as standard, “Complete Hopper Constructed of Stainless Steel” and an industry leading warranty.